Hoveround Wheelchair Lift
Model 300 HV

Most major vehicle manufacturers offer up to a $1000.00 rebate on lift purchases for newly purchased or leased vehicles. 
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The 300-HV Hoveround Wheelchair Lift  is a breakthrough in outside lifts. This is the first lift to offer a separate battery pack, eliminating the wiring harness and reducing the cost of installation. The 300-HV was designed specifically to carry the Hoveround electric wheelchairs. Just flip a switch to lower the platform to the ground, drive the wheelchair onto the lift, secure the wheelchair with the provided straps, flip the switch and the 300 HV Lift  raises automatically. This lift requires a class 3 hitch on your vehicle and is also available with a swing away option that allows you to access your trunk or hatch by swinging the lift to the side when the wheelchair is not on it. The 300 HV folds up vertically when it is not carrying the wheelchair and has a perforated platform which greatly reduces wind resistance.  


  • Fully sealed industrial rated 12 volt DC motor.

  • 12 volt on-board battery pack, 110 volt charger included.

  • Manual override hand crank.

  • Attaches easily to standard class 3 trailer hitch with 2" receiver.

Lifting Capacity 325 lbs.
Lift power Runs on included battery
Weight of Lift 107 lbs.
Maximum Chair Width 27"
Tie down system includes 4 straps
Maximum Hitch Height 20"