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Help Us Save You Money...If you have free cell phone long distance call: 727-538-0604

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Electric wheelchairs may be COMPLETELY covered by Medicare

and/or private insurance, if you qualify?? 
To see if you qualify,
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 Easy Financing!!

Apply Online and Receive Notification within 2 business days! CLICK HERE

The Light Weight At'm Electric Wheelchair

Finally!! A truly light weight electric wheelchair!! Breaks down into 3 pieces. Heaviest piece only 
34 lbs.!!
  Price -

or call For Details

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Enter to win a FREE  Electric Wheelchair!

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Pride Jazzy 600 Electric Wheelchair

The Pride Jazzy 600 is a Medicare and/or private insurance reimbursable item if you qualify...for more info, CLICK HERE Customer Service/Orders:
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Open: 9AM to 9PM EST. 
7 Days a Week!!!

Financing available on many models...CLICK HERE for details!

The New Jazzy 600
The New Jazzy 600 featuring Mid-Wheel 6 Technology utilizes Pride's original, patented mid-wheel drive with enhanced stability. Mid-Wheel 6 technology incorporates ATX Suspension for extra stability with independent active front casters that raise and lower as needed to compensate instantly for changes in the terrain. Spherical shaped front casters prevent hang-ups and allow for stable transitions from one surface to the next regardless of the angle of approach. Mid-Wheel 6 technology provides superb true all-around performance with the added benefit of 6 wheel stability. Whether transitioning curbs, climbing through rough terrain or reverse handling, Prides Mid-Wheel 6 consistently excels in performance.



  • ATX suspension incorporates front casters for enhanced performance over rougher terrain.
Wheels 14" pneumatic or solid
  • Side Mounted, easily accessible freewheel levers.
Front Casters 6" solid w/ wheel sphere
  • Easy front access to batteries.
Rear Casters 5" solid w/ wheel sphere
  • 300 lb. maximum weight capacity.
Maximum Speed 5 mph
  • Nylon wheel spheres on front and rear casters to prevent wheel hang-ups.
Ground Clearance 3 inches
  • Easily accessible side charger port.
Turning Radius 19.5 inches
  • New 75 amp. Pride Flight controller.
Overall Length 35.25 inches
  • Large 14" drive wheels for rough terrain.
Overall Width 23.5 inches
  • Speed range adjustable up to 5 mph
Drive Train 2-motor mid-wheel drive
Battery Two 12-volt, group 22
Per-charge Range Up to 25 miles
Battery Charger 4 amp On-board 
Weight Capacity 300 lbs.
Total Weight 158 lbs. (w/o batteries)
Brakes "Intelligent braking"


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