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Electric wheelchairs may be COMPLETELY covered by Medicare

and/or private insurance, if you qualify?? 
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The Light Weight At'm Electric Wheelchair

Finally!! A truly light weight electric wheelchair!! Breaks down into 3 pieces. Heaviest piece only 
34 lbs.!!
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Enter to win a FREE  Electric Wheelchair!

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Auto Lift AL-600 
Scooter and Wheelchair Lift

Most major vehicle manufacturers offer up to a $1000.00 rebate on lift purchases for newly purchased or leased vehicles. 
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Customer Service/Orders:
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Open: 9AM to 9PM EST. Mon-Sun.

For more details, call TOLL FREE 1-800-449-8991

 The AL 600  has arrived and  is the cutting edge in scooter and wheelchair lift technology that has been long awaited. This lift is a perfect combination of an outside lift and an inside lift.  This is a platform lift that loads on the outside and then lifts and pulls the scooter or electric wheelchair into the back of your van, SUV and even some station wagons. The installation is easy, with the lift utilizing your existing third row seating mounts, so no hitch, or inside drilling is needed. The compact design allows second row seating to remain in place in most applications.

Here's How it Works:

Lift hatch, push button on remote control, and lift platform comes out of vehicle and lowers to the ground. Drive scooter or wheelchair on lift over hitch. Push button again and the platform raises up to entry level of your vehicle. The lift continues to pull the platform into the back of your van or SUV. Close hatch and go!


  • Fully electric, platform lift loads scooter or wheelchair on the outside and brings it inside of your vehicle.

  • Attaches to existing third row seating mounts in most SUV's and mini vans.

  • Lifting capacity of 350 lbs.

  • No damage to vehicles (eliminates the need to permanently bolt the lift into or on the vehicle).

  • Only requires 32" of headroom for installation in      your vehicle.  

  • Remote hand control included.


Lifting Capacity 350 lbs.
Adjustable Platform Size 28.5" x 38" to 50"
Installed Weight 175 lbs.
Shipping Weight 200 lbs.
Headroom Required 32"
Depth Required 46.5"
Vertical Reach 33.5"
Platform dead space 5.5" max.



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