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Electric wheelchairs may be COMPLETELY covered by Medicare

and/or private insurance, if you qualify?? 
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The Light Weight At'm Electric Wheelchair

Finally!! A truly light weight electric wheelchair!! Breaks down into 3 pieces. Heaviest piece only 
34 lbs.!!
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MP3 Junior Mini Power Wheelchair

Did you Know??? 
Most power chairs are covered by Medicare and/or private insurance if you qualify...for more info
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The MP3 Junior Mini- Power Chair
The MP3 Junior is a new class of power wheelchair. This chair breaks down into three easy to manage components: base, seat and battery. With the heaviest piece weighing only 58 lbs., this chair is ideal for travel by auto, train, bus, etc. The MP3 Junior is an Insurance billable item. One of the great features of the Junior is the quick release battery box, that allows the user to fold the base (without the battery) and roll it along easily, like a suitcase. The removable battery pack can be charged separately from the chair itself. This allows the user to leave everything except the charger in storage when the unit needs to be charged. This unit is designed for optimum maneuverability and portability, yet has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. The junior has a very tight turning radius of 19" and will maneuver well in the tightest spaces.


The MP3 Junior Power Wheelchair....
Heaviest Piece Weighs ONLY 58 Lbs.!!!
Easily stores in small car trunks and RV storage compartments!!
Breaks Down into 3 Easy Pieces:  
  1.  Unplug controller from base and remove seat: Only 21 lbs.
  2. Simply lift out battery pack (no wires to disconnect): Only 33 lbs.
  3. Base remains in one easy to handle section: Only 58 lbs. 

This unit will fit easily in the back seat or the trunk of small vehicles.




  • Variable speed control up to 4.5 mph.
Drive Tires 9" Foam Filled
  •  Small, portable, removable battery pack to allow separate charging from the base.
Seat Width 18.5"
  • The 19 inch turning radius makes the Ruby turn on a dime!
Seat Depth 15"
  • Foam filled tires are standard.
Maximum Speed 4.5 mph
  • Billable to most Insurance companies.
Seat Height to Floor  18" to 20"
  • Light weight portable design, easily detachable seat and quick release battery.
Turning Radius 19 inches
  •  Disassembles into 3 easy to store and handle pieces, with the heaviest piece weighing only 58 lbs.!!!
Overall Length 32.5"
  • Small base frame makes this chair ideal for maneuverability in confined living spaces.
Overall Width   23 inches
  • Affordability and transportability make the MP3 Junior Ideal for people on the move!
Battery Type 12Volt, 20 amp pack
Per-charge Range Up to 12.5 miles.
Weight Capacity 250 lbs.
Total Weight  112.5 lbs.
Weight of heaviest piece -  ONLY 58 lbs.



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